Some activities, such as reasonable use of canoes and guides for bush walks, are included in the price of accommodation. Others, such as sailing and sunset cruises, are charged out in addition to accommodation costs. Unfortunately due to poor internet and mobile reception we currently do not accept card payments and therefore enforce a strict ‘cash upfront’ policy for any activities.

All our Activity Rates are quoted in US$ but we will accept Kwacha, South African Rand, Euros and Sterling at the prevailing exchange rate at the time of payment.

Sailing & Canoeing

  • Lotri Bay - Sailing

Lotri is one of the very few places on Lake Kariba that has sailing boats for hire. Guests with sailing experience are encouraged to take out a boat and explore the sheltered bay, safe in the knowledge that you can’t get lost and a rescue boat is always on hand in case you get into difficulty. Currently we have three ‘Wayfarers’ and a larger ‘Vivacity 24’ available for hire. Please note that only guests with sufficient experience can hire sailing boats.

Wayfarers: Stable, versatile and easy-to-use boats, ideal for sailors of all standards. Taking 2-4 adults comfortably, they are perfect family boats and our personal favourite for exploring the bay, or racing against friends.

Vivacity 24: A small, twin-keeled cruiser designed to accommodate 4-5 people on voyages. Only available to experienced sailors with a sound knowledge of keeled boats, the Vivacity is perfect for lazy sailing with a drink in hand but can be quite a thrill when the wind picks up.

For those who aren’t sailors we also have canoes capable of taking 2-3 adults. Available to all guests (children must be supervised by a responsible adult), have fun and take the opportunity to explore Lotri Bay or use our canoes for fishing.


Lotri Bay is host to a number of fish species, including Bream, Tigerfish, Cornish Jack, Bottlenose and Vundu. The bay itself is protected from Kapenta rigs, and we have two dams onsite stocked with Bream. We do have some basic fishing equipment available, free of charge, but fishing enthusiasts should ideally bring their own equipment. We provide worms from our worm farm and any proceeds go to the staff who look after it. Fishing boats are available for hire, accompanied by a qualified Coxswain.

Game Viewing

One of our proudest achievements to date is the successful reintroduction of game into Lotri Bay. Currently we have Impala, Zebra, Sable and Klipspringer within the conservation area and intend to steadily expand the species list to include Warthog, Bushbuck, Kudu and Eland. A small pod of Hippos can occasionally be heard calling into the night or seen grazing on the grassy areas in front of Treetops and the Campsite.

Guests are welcome to walk around the property to view the wildlife, although we please ask that you respect the privacy of other guests and do not approach too close to avoid scaring the animals and endangering yourselves. We have also carved our very own Bush Walk along the ridge that spans the property, ending with some truly spectacular views overlooking Lotri Bay and Lake Kariba, stretching out to Siavonga and Zimbabwe.

Bush Walk & Campsite

Running the entire length of the property, our Bush Walk is a lovely way to spend an afternoon and provides some wonderful views of Lotri Bay whilst putting the vastness of Lake Kariba into perspective. Two routes currently exist, one taking you down to the gorge that serves as the entrance to the bay, and the other taking you to a viewpoint atop a ridge.

For the more adventurous, the Ridge View also serves as a wild campsite that guests are more than welcome to climb up to and spend the night. For a charge we will carry up any supplies you require for the night and set camp up before you get there so you can relax from the moment you arrive.

Included in this service:

  • Campfire/braai set up and grill
  • Any food/drink/other supplies carried up for you
  • All tidying up the next day done for you, just wander back down when you fancy

Bird Watching

Lotri Bay is home to a spectacular variety of bird species making it an ideal destination for novice and experienced bird watchers alike. Our location along the shores of Lake Kariba means plenty of water birds call the area home, with daily sightings of Fish Eagles and a number of Kingfisher species.

Sunset Cruises

  • Lotri Bay, Lake Kariba, Zambia - Sunset Cruise

Book our pontoon for a 2 hour sunset cruise to get those perfect pictures of the sunset at the end of a fun filled day. Unfortunately we do not stock our cruises with food/drink ourselves, so you will have to bring your own. We do however provide a qualified Coxswain who will guide you around the bay, so you can sit back and relax and take it all in.

The pontoon can carry 8 adults comfortably and trips are very flexible. Whether you would like to take your fishing rods with you or simply enjoy the views as you sip on a cold drink, we will do our utmost to accommodate any wishes.

Lake Pool

If you fancy sunbathing, or if the weather’s too hot for you, then try our unique Lake Pool, moored next to the campsite. A floating sunbathing deck surrounds a secure cage (made from high strength stainless steel security fencing) which enables you to swim in the lake without worrying about the crocodiles!

Coming Soon

The hills surrounding Lotri Bay offer some great off-road cycle trails suitable for experienced trail bikers. We will develop the cycle routes over time, but if this interests you and you want to be part of the project then please get in touch as we would love to chat to you about potential routes. Bring your cycling friends too!

The rock formations at Lotri are truly stunning and offer some great rock climbing. We are currently developing climbing routes but, as with the trail bikes, if this interests you then please get in touch and help us with the ideas!

  • Lotri Bay, Lake Kariba, Zambia - Rock Climbing